"Best new act on the market... Nerdrobics is HILARIOUS!"

-Tom Sedlacek, Bowie Baysox


From the time the gates open to the last pitch, this performer doesn't stop entertaining your fans!


Ever wonder how nerds stay so skinny? Join in as your entire stadium stands up and burns some calories by mirroring a few Nerd moves to the tune of "Walk this way." This starts off easy, but always turns into absolute chaos. See if you can keep up with him!

Ticket Taking
As your gates open, The Nerd will greet your fans and 'help' them to their seats.

Musical Chairs

A typical game of musical chairs, although The Nerd can get pretty competitive. Don't worry, as much as he tries to cheat, he always learns his lesson the hard way, getting pushed out of the way by the tiniest fan!

The Nerd does Stand-Up
The Nerd will treat your audience to a caffeinated barrage of "3rd Grader" jokes (What's blue and smells like red paint? ...blue paint...Where do Bees go to the bathroom? ...the BP station...). As the speed and quantity of the jokes gets higher, they do actually get funnier!

An Inning of TAG!
This is pretty much what it sounds like. The Nerd plays tag with your mascot throughout the entire stadium. Always different, this offers some classic cartoon-like moments, with adults and children alike helping or hindering each side.

Fan Interaction
When he is not doing an on-field promotion, The Nerd is usually in the stands mingling with the fans and cheering on your team (nerdily…). You see, nerds like baseball too, and so he understands how to keep from interfering with how they watch the game. This includes imitating concession vendors, selling sweatshirts in 100 degree heat, dancing his awkward nerd dances, improv-ing with fans, and leading nerdy cheers, like “Go Baseball!” He always has half an eye on the field, so that he can aid your fans in supporting your team.


If your fans are not completely satisfied with The Nerd’s commitment to your team and the energy that he injects into your ballpark, the performer will help your staff pick up trash from the stands after the game.

The Nerd has spend eight seasons with the Saint Paul Saints doing up to 25 games per year.

Will Dan Lehv, the Saints Asst. GM even admit The Nerd exists???!!!


Ask about special weekday pricing!

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612-756-3520 (Ask for The Nerd)

The Nerd

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